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Aquaponic Food Production

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Meet the Fish !!

Its all about the fish, cultured in freshwater tanks at the very top of our crop web.

Greens & Herbs

Grown directly in nutrient rich oxygenated water

Vegetables & Fruits

Grown in media beds built to bio-mimic the ecosystem of wetlands and river deltas

It's easy, natural and fun. Start growing food today!

At Al Arfan Aquaponic farms we have developed a self balancing, naturally occurring, ecosystem based food production system that combines in a re-circulating model freshwater fish culture and naturally organic crop growing techniques.

Simple Ecosystem

Aquaponics brings together Fish culture and Organic crop growing. This is made possible through a series of biological processes where the Fish excreta is converted into plant nutrients. This nutrient rich water is demineralised by the plants and is re-circulated back into the fish environment.

There is a two fold advantage in this system. Firstly, the otherwise toxic effluent of the Fish is re-used to create a value add output. Secondly, the crops get a free source of nutrients that is organic and free from contaminants or harmful micro organisms. This is the case since, fish unlike cattle and poultry are cold blooded animals and do not harbour pathogens. Additionally, water is not wasted in the process of maintaining optimal quality for the fish environment.

100% Environment Friendly

The biggest bane of Fish farming or Hydroponic farming is the discharge of effluents to the environment causing immense damage to the immediate ecosystem. Aquaponics eliminates this issue completely and goes a step further. It eliminates water wastage completely and reduces water usage by 90%.

True Organic Farming

The Aquaponic greenhouse provides an artificial environment to facilitate natural processes that occur in nature during the production of food crops. Having fish in a closed system with the crops ensures that no chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides are used because if done so, the life of the fish would be compromised bringing the entire operation to a grinding halt.

All our products are 100% certified pesticide free. In addition, all our nutrient supplements are USDA organic compliant making Al Arfan Aquaponics your one stop shop for organic produce in Muscat, Oman.

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