Al Arfan Farms

Welcome to Oman's largest commercial Aquaponic farm!!

Cultivating top quality produce using cutting edge organic growing techniques where we place your health, our environment and the community foremost.

At Al Arfan Farms, "healthy" means so much more. Whether you're hungry for better, or simply food-curious, we offer a place for you to shop where value always goes together with values.

Quality Standards your best experience

In order to give you the best experience, we consider quality the highest form of value. We don't just sell anything, because when you want natural food products, we are committed to going beyond your expectations.

  • We carefully evaluate each and every product that leaves our farm and we actually do it.
  • We are committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat.
  • We are passionate about great tasting food and the pleasure of sharing it with others.
  • We feature only produce that is free from synthetic pesticides, sewer sludge, artificial fertilizers, herbicides, colours, flavours, sweeteners, irradiation and synthetic growing hormones.
  • We are dedicated to being 100% GMO free on our farm and do our best to source organic seed varieties.

Vision ::

Muscat Horizons International aims to establish a state of the art 600 sqm Aquaponic pilot greenhouse facility in the Al-Felaij area, to promote and develop a commercial model that may be replicated in Oman for its farmers at an economical and operationally feasible scale. Our goal is also to simultaneously develop a back end support team that will be able to train and develop farmers and offer sound technical support to all Aquaponic projects in the Sultanate. The project will also aim to act as a training centre for Aquaponics where world renowned Scientists and Aquaponic farmers will be invited to present seminars and courses open to all interested personnel.

Aquaponic System ::

The design implementation will be a FloMedia system with Media beds and Deep water culture troughs balanced in a ratio to uptake the nutrients generated through the aerobic mineralization of the dissolved and suspended organic matter generated as waste in the Tilapia production system.

Aquaculture System ::

Focused production on Omani bred Tilapia, the system looks at a yield of 4 tons per year in an intensive recirculation system with a footprint of 116 sqm housing a volume of 30,000 litres. The system will aim to increase the Aquaponic stocking density by 100% from the general theory to increase fish production. The filtration system will be uniquely balanced to provide the necessary ecosystem support.

Environmental Responsibility

100% Recirculation

With a stringent non-discharge policy at Al Arfan Farms, the system has been designed as a complete closed loop cycle ensuring 100% bio-chemical security to the environment. Therefore, ensuring zero contamination to the ground water or destruction to the soil fabric.

Minimum Carbon Footprint

Using less than 48% of the energy required for conventional Agriculture for the same area. Al-Arfan Farms will aim to operate with the highest level of sustainability ensuring a minimum carbon footprint. Our goal will be year round operation with the most efficient usage of resources and developing an operation model best suited for even the rural SME farmer.

Natural Resources

Featuring a 93% reduced water demand compared to conventional Agriculture, Al Arfan Farms will aim to use its precious natural water resources with the highest level responsibility assuring non depletion scenarios.

100% Pesticide & Synthetics Free

The system aims to be certified 100% pesticide free and free of synthetic nutrients. Maintaining that will enable us to produce a crop that is of the highest quality to the health and nutrition for its consumers. With our commitment to food production of the highest quality and nutrition value, we have a chance for the first time ever to produce Organic crops in Oman that is sustainable and replicable in the mainstream.


Commercial Pilot Model

Operate and research a commercial pilot model that can be viably replicated for the farmer in the Sultanate as a sustainable growing methodology.

Technical Support Team

Develop and build a robust support team both for on site and back end technical support for Aquaponic farmers.

Market Aggregation System

A system to aggregate SME farmer's unsold produce and deliver it to the market through a fair practice system.

Off-Grid Farms

Develop the integration of solar PV as an energy to power standalone aquaponic farms and possibly develop a complete off-grid farm in the rural areas of the Sultanate.

Research & Development

New Fish Species

Plan to introduce and trial the possibility of Grass Carp and Barramundi in arid climate Aquaponics. Possibly the use of other species like Murrel and Catfish as well.

Seed Bank

To establish a hot weather acclimatized seed bank through the tri-generation seed saving methodology through which crop evolution can be enhanced to better suit the climatic conditions of Oman.

Natural Ventilation Greenhouse Design

Engineer a unique greenhouse design to accommodate the hot climate and the allow for year round production based on the concepts of thermodynamics and the natural movement of air masses.