AL ARFAN FARMS an organic source

Can family-friendly foods be wholesome and local? You bet! Discover Oman's largest Aquaponic farm within 50km of the capital area..

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on all orders

Better yet, order before noon and enjoy the freshness the same day. Same day harvest guaranteed everyday !!

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organically grown

Crave healthy cooking ingredients? farm fresh raw veggies ? we are here to help with the best resources.

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food in its most natural state

We don't just sell anything, we are committed to going beyond your expectations.

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Al Arfan Farmers Market EAT HEALTHY YOUR  WAY

Whether you are looking for special ingredients or just hoping to eat a little healthier, click below to get the nutrients you need
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Where Can You Find Our Produce

Al Bustan Palace,
A Ritz Carlton hotel

From our farms to your table

Aquaponics features with our premiere customer Al Bustan, with exquisite recipes specially designed by the master chefs as part of their unique farm to table initiative. Ask for our products the next time you are dine with them.

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  • Inter Continental Muscat

    Aquaponics for occasions

    Name of restaurant, features our produce for special occasions as part of their leading 5 star menus and kitchen.

  • The Chedi Muscat

    Aquaponics in style

    Find our ingredients on variety of multi cuisine plates from the stylish kitchens at Chedi Muscat

  • The Sultan Centre

    Aquaponics for everyone

    Featuring our best produce the shelves of Sultan Center, you can find our products with them year round.